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Bai Zhou is a Toronto-based director, producer, and cinematographer originally from Beijing with diverse experiences and cross-cultural percipience, both artistically and commercially, as embodied by his film works. He is bilingual and works extensively overseas, winning acclaims in many international film festivals. 

In 2014, he directed and produced short film True Voodoo that was selected and premiered at Festival de Cannes. In 2015, Bai participated in the feature film Warrior’s Gate, a China-France co-production project produced by director Luc Besson; In 2016, he worked on Walt Disney’s first in China production, The Dreaming Man, as assistant director. 2018, he worked on musical film show Fantacity as director.

He had also worked on productions starring well-known actors including Donnie Yen, Julian Richings, Sandi Ross, and etc. Alongside these aforementioned collaborations, Bai established his own production company named Phenomenon Pictures in 2012 that sought to broaden his career development in the North American film industry. 


As a filmmaker, Bai Zhou is particularly inspired by Ang Lee. He is infatuated by the concoction of Eastern subtleness and Western narrative frameworks in Lee’s films. His own work portrays an indirect emotional delicacy in concrete film language, expanding the possibility of narratives while exploring open relational spaces in his work. In the future, Bai continues to challenge himself with incoming opportunities and express his film vision.





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